Dear Wellspringer,

We invite you to rediscover what wellness is.

Wellspring Stones will guide your discovery and adventure over 21 days starting July 26, 2016.

We hope you will join us!

What You Get

•  Smart strategies to live with ease despite "dis"-ease.

•  Amazing online resources to explore and play with
• Tips and tricks grounded in the reality of illness.
•  Connection to a community of other wellspringers.
•  And some delightful surprises too!

And, by the way, a wellspringer is anyone who is interested in living better.  You can benefit whether you are living with illness or not.

What It Is

We know what to do, to feel better, but somehow we don't.  Or we just can't.  Well, we’ve got your back. The 21-Day Wellspring  Stones Celebration is doable, digestible and delightful!  We’re here to wake you to the possibilities to how you can improve your life with small changes and new awareness.

How It Works

Every day, we will answer the question, “What is wellness?”

In our daily emails, we’ll specify activities and point you to the the best resources we know to create more wellness in your life.

Then, all we ask is for you to post fun photos on your social media related to the day’s theme so we can support and connect with you. It’s not hard, and it’s fun and light! Promise!

And the fun begins on July 26th 2016, counting down to our big launch of the Wellspring Stones site on August 16th!  Join us and build some wellsprings in your life!

Bonus for Participants

And for two lucky participates we will raffle off one of our Wellspring Stones Wellness Bundles featuring beauty and skin care products to help you feel more alive and radiant.

• A Rejuvenating Bundle :: for when you’ve not been able to sleep for days (or weeks).
• A Healing Bundle :: for after you’ve been sick in bed to help bring you back to being.

To qualify you’ll have to participate and post most days. We know not every day is a good day and some you will have to miss!

About Wellspring Stones

Wellspring Stones strives to ease suffering. We create ease and value joy. We understand the pain and loss illness causes and want to give voice to invisible pain. We create a safe sanctuary to alleviate the isolation. For those afflicted, we cultivate resilience and laughter and provide guidance on how to live better and easier, all grounded in the reality of illness. We aim to bring you back to being whole, feeing seen and radiating peace. So you can laugh again.

About Your Host
Cassandra Marcella Metzger is a former PBS attorney, a yoga and meditation teacher since 2002, and a writer since she could hold a pencil. In 2016, she created Wellspring Stones, because when she got sick, she couldn't find what she needed online. She integrates her knowledge of western literature with her competence in yoga and meditation in order to advance lifestyle skills, promote peace of mind and nurture beauty and delight. Her mission is to create the space for change to help those with mercurial, mysterious and misunderstood chronic disease. She lives in Washington DC where she loves meeting people from all over the world and cheering football.